Better Oblivion Community Center
Little Trouble
Dead Oceans 2019
vinyl, single
nur bei den Liveshows erhätlich


Little Trouble

Hey Little Trouble, what you doing tonight?
I got a bad thought, you can make it right
Fell on the concrete with all my might
Got up, dusted myself off, now I'm ready for the fight
Not every prodigy can age that well
Not every mannequin can stand so fucking still
When everyone's gone, you're dancing alone
When everything's done, still working the phones
For lazy tarot readings on hot June nights
Right next to that bodega's a neon sign
They'll tell you you were famous in some past life
But now you're just a Regular Joe, whose cover is blown
Well, tell me, baby, what's your biggest conceit?
Is it that you did it, or you did it with me?
I can't imagine what the problem could be
You found one song that you like, and you just play it on repeat
Not every certain death can be so brave
Not every psychopath can act so well-behaved
But what if the bomb just doesn't go off?
Still playing that song
Still dancing alone
For clumsy ballerinas with Dad's blank check
There's a place in Altadena that sounds perfect
Well, they'll let you be the swan even with missteps
And clap until your body is sore
For now it's just a matter of right place, right time
Singing "Every little thing's gonna be all right"
On some pretty college campus with skin so white
Three chords and an expensive guitar
It's the luck of the draw
Found a place to blind your darkness with bright strobe lights
No cops, no fire marshals, can dance all night
With your sad-eyed doppelganger you look just like
Your heartbreak's not your own anymore
I'll tell you that I love you, I'll scream it twice
You ask over the music, "Did I hear that right?"
Yes, I swear I told you in some past life
Right before they counted us off
It's the luck of the draw


Sleepwalkin' (Daydreamin' Version)

Like, it's, it's impossible to count
One, two, three, four
Drinking cold, black coffee
I shake and shake, still won't get off me
Another blissed out fantasy
Where animals and objects talk to me
Always try and hate it
But then you laugh, it sounds outrageous
Spend another day sleepwalking
Is this having fun?
Or is it just because?
Which one is jumping first
Off of the face of the earth?
You like beer and chocolate
I like setting off those bottle rockets
We can never compromise
But fighting 'til the death keeps us alive
Why don't you stay
If you're going to leave your car here anyway?
Spend another summer shit-talking
Is this having fun?
It's not like the way it was
I thought that you loved this stuff
Or did I make that up?
Act insane, playing it safe
I wasn't sold on that plan anyways
Feeling afraid of making a change
Hoping to last another day
I want there to stop the circular dots
Spinning in a world full of forget-me-nots
I gave what I got
It came as a shock
To find out I'm fine with what I've lost