Bright Eyes
One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels
Crank! Records 2004
Split Album mit Neva Dinova.
Gabs auf weißem, braunem und lachsfarbenem Vinyl, sowie auch auf CD.
1,3,5: Neva Dinova
2010 erschein die Platte nochmals auf Saddle Creek mit 4 Bonus Songs.
Spring Cleaning geschrieben von Bright Eyes und gespielt von Neva Dinova


Black Comedy

Well once I gave a look to you but you never gave it back
So here I stand expressionless but my memory's intact
I guess the past is good for a laugh
A comedy so dry and black
It makes my stomach hurt so bad, I cried
So two thumbs up we give this one despite its predictable ending
The dialogue seemed rushed and wrong but the actors did their best
To lay some worth on every word
Like coffins dropped into the earth
The saddest sound I ever heard, we sang along
We sang it, take this wait away
We sang it, take this wait away
We sang it, take this wait away


I'll Be Your Friend

You said they laid out lots of coke
You don't know how much you did
Now you dont want me to go home, because you're afraid you might get sick
Just like the bad news you accept, just like that boy you're gonna get
It's the mistake I wont regret, I'll be your friend
But you just haven't made me yet
So you come chasing after me, but I'm just barely out the door
Down in the belly of the beast, we waited with the passengers
Just like the train I gotta catch, just like that song I can't finish
You'll be my friend but I hope I just haven't made you yet
You talk like you're drunk, like you're standing in front of a microphone
And each night it repeats and you fall into me, like a domino
And you talk when you're drunk like you're writing it up for a article
And you think that I lie when I tell you goodbye and then I've got to go, cause I've got to go
But I guess it's a success, we're at our best when you're upset
I'll be your friend but you just haven't made me yet


Spring Cleaning

Amy's got a baby in her stomach, she took my hand and I felt it kick
So she's crying and glowing, she's three months and showing
Seeing her now makes me want to live
But her man's got an angry mouth, he once told me to rot in hell
He's poisonous, reasonless, demons and Jesus, if he died it'd be just as well
So I'm having it out with the rain
It argues so long and so loud
It keeps tapping and talking we're walking forever on First Avenue headed south
And all the traffic lights blur into a bright bouquet
My heart is in mothballs, it's been packed away, and I can't get to it, no way
Until the birds return for spring cleaning
All the traffic lights blur into a bright bouquet
I wish I could just turn and walk away, but I can't do it, no way
Until the birds return for spring cleaning