Standing on the Outside Looking in

Standing on the outside looking in
Don't feel any different it's the way it's always been
In the world the headless well dressed mannequins
You're always standing on the outside looking in

I remember when you taught me how to bathe
In the roadside motel bathtub
I watched you shave your legs
You swore that we would take this to our graves
I remember when you taught me how to bathe
You said only I can make ya happy
But I'm not gonna tell you how
I told us to last forever
Only now, only now

There's a place she longs to be she'll never go
Took a picture at the window with the camera on her phone
Got off one more time to put back on her clothes
There's a place she longs to be she'll never go

Now I'm standing on the outside looking in
In a world of paper toggles and imaginary friends
It's a shame I can't be bothered to pretend
When I'm standing at the outside looking in

I told you how I planned on dying
But you know I always joke around
I'm up for never saying never
At least for now, at least for now

Because I could never make you happy
But I know just how to calm you down
We don't have to see the future
Only now, only now


Sugar Street

How the hell is everything
Since I've been away
Is the weather any better?
Did the landlord fix the drain?
Did Louie sell his paintings?
Did Kevin quit his job?
Will you tell him that I love him and
I miss y'all a lot

Thought about deserting
Jumping on a plane the other day
It was just a fleeting feeling man
I'm usually okay
When I'm holding conversations in a language I don't speak
And coughing on the radio and screaming in my sleep
I'm just tired of feeling tired
Tired of getting drunk
Took a picture for the paper and they made me stand in front
But I shouldn't be complaining there's been people at the show
I even saw the Eiffel tower in the souvenir snowglobe
There's just a couple more and then a day off in Amsterdam
I'm gonna check into a hotel get fixed up if I can

You know I promised I'd be careful
With the company I keep
And I hold myself together until I'm back on Sugar Street, Sugar Street

You start at the beginning and go on to the end
Sometimes a perfect stranger might end up your only friend
First you nod politely because you're not that interested
Ask some abstract question like a bored psychiatrist
But then you get to talking about the plastic in the seat
The nightmare of their childhood and reality tv
It starts to sound familiar like you're coming back to life
Make some observations start offering advice
Always look in both directions when you go to cross the street
And if you jump off any buildings make sure you land on your feet

Oh promise you'll be careful
With the sympathies you seek
Cause I know you'll feel better
Once you're back on Sugar Street, Sugar Street

And Oh, I promise I'll be careful
When I put myself to sleep
And I hope that I feel better
Once I'm back on Sugar Street, ah Sugar Street