self released SA 2012
7" vinyl, single



There is a lynching at Home Depot
of the last day laborer
In this sanctuary city
with its anchor-baby births
They say “It’s time we had some justice
for the white race on this earth
This place is strange and getting stranger”

“We got to round ’em up!
Door to door tonight we’re ready”
Knock Knock Knock
“Drag them from their beds
They got some nerve to say
they were here first”
“We’re gonna round them up!
Hiding in the semi-trailers”
Knock Knock Knock
“Beat it in their heads
We keep our word and Maricopa pure”

They’re sweating in Sun City
cause they just got off the course
Saying “Sheriff Joe it’s awful
and it’s only getting worse”
“Oh did you hear about Rob Krentz?
They left him bleeding in the dirt
These Spics they’re brave and getting braver”

“We got to round ’em up!
Door to door the posse is ready”
Knock Knock Knock
“Drag them from their beds
Cause it’s their turn for someone to get hurt”
“We’re gonna round ’em up!
Crying in the day-care center”
Knock Knock Knock
“Beat it in their heads
They’ll never learn until Maricopa burns!”



I was scanning through the stations
Every channel sounded clear
With tempo like a timepiece
You know you are on a grid
you just slide the snare
No worries for admission
Cause we got you on the list
But when your boy found out we don’t put out
You know his face turned red
and he got so pissed

Now there is a message
on my cell phone everyday
“Hi, this is Luke Wood from DreamWorks”
“This is Joel Mark from MCA”

Send the A&R with a firm offer
If the answer is no you can write your own
But the frenzy Britt warned me of has begun
Their cash cow killed himself so they’re looking for the next one

I was glancing through a glossy
I had to scribble out my face
Because I’m always self-effacing
Or I’m just arrogant I guess they both are fake
Like when you listen back on headphones
With a trickle in you throat
You know it’s hard to sing
and I’ve been struggling
But with some Auto-Tune I can hit the note

So it’s 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
“You know that first note was flat
but the rest I think sounded great”

Trash the mobile home at the festival
Throw that big TV off the balcony
Cause the excess excess is drying up
So when the bottom drops out boys
we will be the lucky ones