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Conor Oberst
Here's to Special Treatment
Sing, Eunuchs! , 1995
tape, album

Side 1

1Sledge Winston and the Element of Surprise (lyrics)
2Things You Know (lyrics)
3Tar (lyrics)
4Space Invaders (lyrics)
5Lava Monster (lyrics)
6Puddle Stomper (lyrics)
7The Day the Statues Broke (lyrics)
8Bumpercar Blues (lyrics)
9Blowtorch (lyrics)
10J-Bone (lyrics)
11Sundress (lyrics)

Commander Venus
Music Me All Over
Lumberjack , 1995
7" single

1Tulane (lyrics)

Commander Venus
Commander Venus/Drip Split
Ghostmeat Records , 1996
7" tape, single

Bright Eyes
A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997
Saddle Creek , 1997
cd, album

1The Invisible Gardener (lyrics)
2Patient Hope in New Snow (lyrics)
3Saturday as Usual (lyrics)
4Falling Out of Love at This Volume (lyrics)
5Exaltation on a cool, kitchen floor (lyrics)
6The awful sweetness of escaping sweat (lyrics)
7Puella quam amo est pulchra (lyrics)
8Driving fast through a big city at night (lyrics)
9How many lights do you see? (lyrics)
10I watched you taking off (lyrics)
11A celebration upon completion (lyrics)
12Emily, sing something sweet (lyrics)
13All of the Truth (lyrics)
14One straw (please) (lyrics)
15Lila (lyrics)
16A few minutes on friday (lyrics)
17Supriya (lyrics)
18Solid Jackson (lyrics)
19February 15th (lyrics)
20The 'feel-good' revolution (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Letting Off the Happiness
Saddle Creek , 1998
cd, album

1If Winter Ends (lyrics)
2Padraic My Prince (lyrics)
3Contrast and Compare (lyrics)
4The City Has Sex (lyrics)
5The Difference in the Shades (lyrics)
6Touch (lyrics)
7June on the West Coast (lyrics)
8Pull My Hair (lyrics)
9A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction (lyrics)
10Tereza and Tomas (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Every Day and Every Night
Saddle Creek , 1999
cd, ep

1A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not (lyrics)
2A Perfect Sonnet (lyrics)
3On My Way to Work (lyrics)
4A New Arrangement (lyrics)
5Neely O'Hara (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Fevers and Mirrors
Saddle Creek , 2000
cd, album

1A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, and A Necklace (lyrics)
2A Scale, A Mirror, and These Indifferent Clocks (lyrics)
3The Calendar Hung Itself (lyrics)
4Something Vague (lyrics)
5The Movement of a Hand (lyrics)
6Arienette (lyrics)
7When the Curious Girl Realizes That She is Under Glass (lyrics)
8Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh (lyrics)
9The Center of the World (lyrics)
10Sunrise, Sunset (lyrics)
11An Attempt to Tip the Scales (lyrics)
12A Song to Pass the Time (lyrics)
13Radio Interview Transcript (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
3 New Hit Songs From Bright Eyes
Wichita Recordings , 2000
cd, single

1Drunk Kid Catholic (lyrics)
2Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15th) (lyrics)
3I've Been Eating (For You) (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Insound Tour Support No.12
Insound Tour Support , 2000
cd, ep
4,5,6: Son Ambulance
1I Won't Ever Be Happy Again (lyrics)
2The Joy in Discovery (lyrics)
3The Joy in Forgetting/The Joy in Acceptance (lyrics)
4Like Billy Budd or Cyrano De Begerac (lyrics)
5The Woman in the Underpass (lyrics)
6Astrud Astrud (lyrics)
7Lovers Turn Into Monsters (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Motion Sickness
Blood of the Young Records , 2000
7" vinyl, single

Side 1

1Motion Sickness (lyrics)

Side 2

2Soon You'll Be Leaving Your Man (lyrics)

Bright Eyes
Oh Holy Fools - The Music of Son, Ambulance and Bright Eyes
Saddle Creek , 2001

1,3,5,7: Son, Ambulance
2Going for the Gold (lyrics)
4Oh, You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth In Place (lyrics)
6No Lies, Just Love (lyrics)
8Kathy with a K's Song (lyrics)